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Met radar detects low pressure cell heading in Noru’s path


THE Thai Meteorological Department’s radar has detected a low pressure cell in the Pacific Ocean that is heading from east to west in the same direction of Typhoon Noru that brought torrential rain to parts of Thailand a few days ago and is keeping an eye on it, Matichon newspaper said this evening (Oct. 11)

The department’s chief Ms. Chomparee Chompurat said many factors affect this low pressure cell including its speed, the ocean temperature, a cold air mass or high air pressure spreading from China and they could prevent it from strengthening.

These factors mean this cell may not turn into a tropical storm and at its most powerful surge into a depression.

It is expected to weaken again as it reaches Vietnam during Oct. 13-14 with this bringing more rain to the Northeast of Thailand but not to the level of a storm.

Currently a high pressure cell or moderately cold air mass covers upper Thailand with this leading to the temperature dropping 1-2 degrees Celsius in the North while the Northeast is being hit by strong wind gusts.

People in both regions are warned to beware of variable weather with the temperature dropping amid more rain and strong wind.

A monsoon trough also lies across the central southern region and this too brings heavy to very heavy downpour to this zone during this period.


Top: A badly-flooded road in Chiang Mai late last month.

Front Page: Some badly-flooded houses by the riverside. Both photos: Matichon

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