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Suthin denies 2 Shinawatra family members are getting Defence Ministry posts


DEFENCE MINISTER Suthin Klangsaeng branded as fake news a draft document circulating widely on social media today (Sept. 10) showing that two Shinawatra family members are getting important positions in this ministry, TV Channel 7 said.

“Regarding news that I have appointed people to various positions, I would like to inform you that no one has been appointed nor preparations made to appoint anyone.

“This is because I am still unable to issue any orders as according to the rules I have to wait for the policy statement to be delivered at Parliament before doing so,” he said.

However there is another hearsay that Gen. Natthapon Nakphanit and  Gen. Somsak Roongsita will be getting key positions at the ministry with both of them being former members of the National Security Council when Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha was prime minister.


Top and Front Page: Defence Minister Suthin Klangsaeng. Photos: Thai Rath

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