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Woman biker dies while chasing gold chain snatcher


THE heartbroken daughter of a woman who died in Sisaket province this week after her motorcycle hit the fence of a house upon losing balance while chasing another biker who had just snatched her gold chain urged police to quickly arrest the culprit, Matichon newspaper said today (July 22).

Ms. Nattaya Pongket, 28, said at around 12.42 p.m. on Monday July 18 her mother, Mrs. Somchit Thammasiri, 47, was riding her motorcycle back home after completing a financial transaction at a bank. She passed through Puean Yon intersection in Muang Tai subdistrict, Muang district, but soon after that got injured when she crashed into the fence of a house at Wat Luang junction. 

A Good Samaritan took her to Sisaket Hospital and while undergoing treatment she told her daughter that a man riding a big bike got close and snatched her gold chain and she was chasing him when the accident happened. However she succumbed to her injuries the next day.

Nattaya asked provincial authorities to go through surveillance camera clips in the area and was allowed to do so. These showed that when her mother reached Puean Yon intersection the suspect who was riding a motorbike without a licence plate was in front of her.

However a little later the suspect slipped behind her and then soon after that zoomed ahead and turned right at Wat Luang junction to Sisaket-Ubon Ratchathani road.

Her mother chased him but unfortunately lost her balance and hit the fence and later died of her injuries.

Nattaya urged police to quickly apprehend the suspect so that he does not again commit a similar crime.


The gold chain snatcher follows the deceased woman in the right image while she is being helped to go to the hospital after hitting a fence in the left image. Photo: Matichon

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