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BMA hiring 306 disabled people to work at its offices


IN KEEPING with Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt’s policy of promoting and developing the quality of life of disabled people in the capital, the city administration will now be hiring 306 of them to work at social development and district offices, 3Plus News said today (July 2).

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) Deputy Governor Sanon Wangsangboon said after a meeting today that this scheme is being launched in collaboration with the Thai with Disability Foundation, Association of the Physically Handicapped of Thailand, Thailand Association of the Blind and Association for Parents of Person with Intelligence Disability of Thailand. 

Those applying for these jobs must be disabled according to the law and must have a handicapped identification card with recruitment taking place during July-September this year.

They will be selected according to their knowledge for required duties and wage rate will be in accordance to their educational qualifications or minimum wage as applicable. There is no fee for applying for these jobs at the capital’s 50 districts.

An appropriate announcement will be issued as soon as possible with this scheme to cover all types of disabilities and the selected jobs suitable for them to work in dignity.

In addition space will be alloted to disabled people to trade at 12 markets under Bangkok Metropolitan Adminstration’s control as well as community markets to help promote their income and quality of life.


Disabled integration graphic, top, and allotted parking sign, Front Page. Both images courtesy of Pixabay.com

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