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Ex-husband stabs young teacher to death in classroom


A YOUNG secondary school teacher with two children was stabbed to death in a classroom by her former husband in Surin province at midday today (June 23), Sanook.com said.

At 12. 55 p.m. the former husband of Ms. Angkhana (surname withheld), 29, who was only identified by his nickname Bo, was rushed to Parsat Hospital after killing her and jumping down from the second floor of the school in Kang-Aen sub-district, Prasat district, 

An unidentified school guard said the teacher’s ex-husband drove up and parked his car near the guard post and then asked where his wife was.

He took him up to the second floor where two teachers were sitting in front of the classroom within which was Angkhana.

Shortly afterwards one of the teachers called him to come and check. He then saw someone about to enter this classroom after which the attacker jumped down from the second floor and broke both his legs and was unable to escape.

Police were called in after it was determined that the teacher had already died from a deep, 10-centimetre long wound running from the left ear. This was inflicted with a knife the attacker had brought along in a bag.

The school’s director then sent all the children home and called the teachers to an urgent meeting.

It was reported that Bo had threatened to kill his ex-wife three days ago. They had separated after she had caught him with another woman with this leading to frequent quarrels.

He had come to patch it up with her but clearly she had refused to go back to him leading to him killing her, the sources.

Police are gathering evidence and delving into the real cause of the murder so as to take legal action.


The classroom where the teacher was killed by her former husband today. The Thai headline says, “Came to reconcile but didn’t succeed.” Photo: PostToday

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