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Mongkolkit lashes at police move to hit Bangkok motorists with arrest warrants


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

MAVERICK MP Mongkolkit Suksintharanon today (June 22) lambasted the Metropolitan Police Bureau’s plan to have arrest warrants issued for traffic rule violators who may have failed to pay for their traffic tickets and called on police chief Pol. Maj. Gen Suwat Jangyodsuk to immediately rescind such a “demented” plan.

The Thai Civilized leader/MP said he is giving the police chief and Metropolitan Police Commissioner Pol. Lt. Gen. Samran Nualma 48-hour time to revoke the questionable plan to have arrest warrants issued by court for those who may have failed to pay fines for any traffic tickets handed out by traffic police anywhere on the city’s streets.

Mongkolkit said he himself will manipulate a street protest of some 1,000 Bangkok motorists against the questionable arrest warrant plan outside the National Police headquarters or the Metropolitan Police Bureau if his stern warning against it is ignored by the police chief.

The lone Thai Civilized MP commented that many Bangkokian motorists, especially taxi motorcyclists, who are already having difficulties making ends meet could not afford to pay for traffic tickets handed out to them due to minor violations of the traffic rules such as parking their vehicles at unpermitted spots, failing to wear crash helmets or disturbing the public with engine noise.

The Metropolitan Police Bureau whose latest action plan has apparently followed news reports that a very small number of motorists have paid fines for their traffic tickets is legally entitled to 25% of the total amount of a fine, according to the lawmaker.

Mongkolkit said he might sooner or later take House floor debate on the “demented” police plan in the presence of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha who concurrently takes charge of the National Police.

The MP suggested that the Metropolitan Police conduct raids on numerous gambling dens, underground lottery rackets and illegal migrant workers throughout the capital in lieu of the planned crackdown on the city’s traffic rule violators.


Top: A policeman putting a traffic ticket on the windshield of a sedan. Photo: Autofun.co.th

Front Page: Thai Civilized Party MP Mongkolkit Suksintharanon. Photo: Naewna

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