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Two buffaloes cause traffic chaos on ring road

AS anything can happen on a road so it was that 1.41 p.m. today (March 31) two buffaloes decided to stroll cross the Eastern Outer Ring Road or Kanchanaphisek Road with police having the shut the traffic to rescue them leading to a massive tailback, Sanook.com quoted FM91 Trafficpro radio station as saying

The two buffaloes ambled through the traffic at kilometre 49 + 000, just north of Ramkhamhaeng road on the side heading for Bang Phil, Samut Prakan, with the tailback reaching kilometre 45. 

The radio station said someone  had spotted these same two buffaloes walking around the stretch of Ramkhamhaeng road near the Outer Ring Road.


The two buffaloes strolling through the busy Outer Ring Road, top, and the massive traffic jam they caused, Home Page. Photos: Sanook.com

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