Battle for parking spot at ministry goes viral

BEING rapidly shared on Thai social media today (May 3) is an account of a fight for a parking spot at the Education Ministry with a Facebook user giving details of notes written to each other by two officials, Naewna newspaper said today (May 3).

According to Facebook user Sukanya Ch, the first note said, “This is the parking spot of the director of the Non-formal and Informal Education Office not a general parking space, please have common sense (a sign has been posted, and (you are) educated).”

After that another note was posted saying, “In checking information on this building from related parties, this is a public parking area not a personal spot or that for the director of Non-formal and Informal Education Office as mentioned in any way.

“In putting up a sign does not mean it is the right of any one person. (The telephone number on a sticker is on the front of the vehicle, why didn’t you call?) Empathise with others and have some manners, you are educated, you must have common sense.”


Top: The two notes in the fight for a parking spot. The Thai headline says, “Battle for parking spot – in hitting the person who grabbed parking spot the director of Non-formal and Informal Education Office got slammed.” Photo: Naewna

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