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Musician says beware of drug scam at parking lot

A MUSICIAN issued a warning about a drug scam he narrowly escaped at a department store parking lot whereby a paper bag was discarded on the floor and if he had picked it up inside would be some drugs and he would have been immediately arrested by criminals disguised a drug control unit who would demand a payoff, Sanook.com reported today (Dec. 7, 2020).

Singholaka Inca, or Aor, the singer and drummer of Inca band, said in his warning message that he has survived this trick three times and this last time took a photo as evidence.

All three times occurred at the same shopping mall in the Rangsit area. The criminals who had planted the bag with drugs had parked their black vehicle very close to his, leaving no space to open the door fully but just enough to place the bag there. This is  to prevent others from seeing it.

They were waiting for him to pick it up within the black vehicle and if he had done so, they would immediately show themselves and demand money.

He strongly urged people not to touch such innocuous bags and quickly drive away.


Top: The paper bag with drugs the criminals had placed on the parking lot floor next to Singholaka’s car. Thai headline says, “Beware of bags next to the car.” Photo: Sanook.com


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