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Parents shocked after newborn baby disappears from hospital

A CHONBURI couple is in a state of shock after their newborn baby girl disappeared from the second hospital she was transferred to after her birth at the first one for treatment for her weak condition, Sanook.com reported today (Dec. 7. 2020).

Ms Piyarat, 37, and Mr. Panya, 29, said after the baby was born at Hospital A on October 11 the doctors said she was weak after ingesting amniotic fluid and is being transferred to Hospital B for treatment at the intensive care unit (ICU) there.

Throughout the time till the appointment to pick up their baby on December 2 there were regular phone calls from mobile phone number 063-615XXXX on the baby’s progress.

However on that day when Panya rode his motorcycle for a distance of 60 kilometres to pick up his daughter from Hospital B, the staff told him the paperwork was not yet completed.

He slept overnight at the hospital and regularly asked about the completion of the paperwork to take his baby home, but was told to wait and that it was still not complete.

The next day he called the contact on the mobile phone number but failed to get through. He then went to ask the pediatric department but the staff told him his baby was never admitted to the hospital.

He rushed to Hospital A but they said his daughter was no longer there.

The couple then filed a missing baby complaint at Chonburi city police station with Pol. Lt. Col. Chamnan Trinet, acting head of the station, saying the case was being investigated and this was the first time this sort of a case had cropped up there.

Panya said he did not get a chance to even see his first born child. Upon finding out that she was in a weak condition he had asked his mother to come to Chonburi to help take care of her.

Piyarat said she only saw her baby girl for 10 minutes before she was taken away from her and that she really misses her.


Top: The sad couple whose baby girl has disappeared. Thai headline say, “missing their baby a lot.” Photo: Sanook.com


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