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Thalu Fah protesters stage rally, to sue government


THE Thalu Fah activist group staged a demonstration this evening (Mar. 28) to mark the dismantling of their protest village opposite the Government House last year with 99 protesters being arrested while announcing that they will be countersuing the government, Matichon newspaper said.

A number of protesters gathered at Nang Loeng intersection at 5.30 p.m. but were blocked from going to the site of their village at the edge of Prem Prachakorn canal, Rama 5 Road,  with this being opposite the Government House, with metal barriers and barbed wire placed across Phitsanulok road in front Rajamangala University of Technology.

However the group’s leader, Ms. Panadda Sirimasakul, or Tong Thalu Fah, who was travelling on an audio pickup truck gave a fiery speech.

She said they had assembled today to demand justice but were instead blocked by barbed wire despite the Government House belonging to the people.

More speeches continued amid shouts of “Spirit” and “Did you hear the people’s voice?”

Panadda added that most of the people rallying today had been arrested on this same day last year and wanted to confirm their rights and fight back to demand the right to express themselves at peaceful assemblies.

She later said that a lawsuit will be filed against Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and the government with damages set at 9 million baht. They have to deposit 180,000 baht to the court and will raise funds by selling various products and asking for donations.

After negotiation with the police the protesters removed the baricade in front of the university and moved close to the site of the village but then ran into another barricade manned by a large team of policemen.

They then read a statement recounting the events leading to the dissolution of their protest village and said that they too will be filing a lawsuit. A large cloth banner was held up with the message, “People are countersuing.”


This evening’s demonstration by the Thalu Fah activist group. Photos: Matichon

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