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Penguin and Rung released from hospital, vow to battle on

TWO People’s Party leaders who were hospitalized after a stint of detention in prison have today (Nov. 5) been released from hospital to convalesce at home, Amarin TV reported.

While Ms. Panusaya Sitthichirawattanakul, or Rung, and Mr. Parit Chivarak, or Penguin, are now well enough to leave Rama 9 Hospital, Mr. Panupong Chadnok, or Mike, remains under doctors’ care.

Penguin said in a Facebook post that although he has been discharged from the hospital doctors have said he still has to recuperate at home. However he added that while his body is not ready, his heart is still full.

“I’ve been looking forward to fighting alongside all my brothers and sisters for over half a month now. And when my body regains its full strength of course the first place I am going to go to is a rally to expel the feudal dictatorship, ”said Penguin.

Meanwhile Rung said in her message that, “when my body is okay again I will be mobilizing with everyone like before until all three demands are met. We  definitely won’t stop moving. Don’t think that by putting us in jail we’ll stop. “


Mike and Rung are now convalescing at home. Thai headline says, “once fully well will definitely join protesters.” Photo: Amarin TV


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