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Thais start applying to go fight for Ukraine


A HANDFUL of Thai citizens filed papers at the Ukrainian embassy in Bangkok today (Mar. 2) to join the “international legion” to fight the Russian invasion after a call for volunteers, said.

It was observed that Thai volunteers steadily flocked to the Ukrainian embassy located within one of All Seasons Place buildings on Wireless road averaging around one every half hour.

Social media groups have also been formed to go and fight for Ukraine.

However an announcement was posted in English at the embassy stating conditions for volunteering to join the fight with these being that the applicant must have military experience, have a valid passport and cover their own expenses with this including the travel cost.

Even so those who do not meet these conditions could help through donations.

The flow of volunteers to go help Ukraine fight Russia’s invasion started after the Ukrainian embassy announced on Sunday it wants to recruit foreigners to fight the Russian invaders.


Top: A toy plane sits among the rubble in the aftermath of an overnight shelling near Kyiv on Mar. 1, 2022. Photo: EPA-EFE and published by The Straits Times

Home Page: The Ukrainian government’s poster calling for foreigners to join the war against Russian invaders. Photo: Facebook

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