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PM furious over critics focusing on his rich and poor comment

PRIME MINISTER Prayut Chan-o-cha is fuming over social media critics targetting his comment on the rich and poor using the expressway and public roads which he pointed out is a misinterpretation, Sanook.com said today (Dec. 5)

In the speech Gen. Prayut gave at the opening of the Suk Pracha Romklao Housing Project at one point he said the following:

“The most important thing today is that we do two things, the government is doing two things. The first is equality, equal opportunities, every Thai person must have the opportunity to use vehicles, use roads, use bridges, take whatever advantage they want from basic utilities. 

“Rich people waste their money, low-income people use the roads below, this way we would not be crowding each other. 

“In my opinion, this is equality, access to opportunities, but it’s up to you how you travel.  Many things today occurred in the past two governments and were inherited by the current government.”

This comment has been viewed as separating the rich and poor because the rich take the expressway and the poor the ordinary roads to alleviate the traffic congestion and reinforces the problem of inequality in society.

When hit by this criticism Gen. Prayut said: “How can you interpret it like that? If there are only the roads below will they not be jammed? So there is a separation and they call it access to opportunities. You all are always picking issues, I am too lazy to comment.”

However, as soon as the media questioned him about this piece of news, the Prime Minister looked with displeasure and responded emotionally before immediately walking out of Sanam Luang to go back.


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