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New type of meth pills found in latest drug bust


THE seizure of over 1.4 million methamphetamine (yaba) pills in northern Lampang province yesterday (Nov. 25) showed that they are a new type of the drug being darker and smaller with this indicating that they are more potent than before, Amarin TV said today.

Provincial Police Region 5 Commander Pol. Lt. Gen. Piya Tawichai said seven sacks containing more than 1.4 million of the new variety of meth pills were seized at a forest in Mae Phrik district after a villager stumbled upon them while grazing his cattle.

The seven boxes had been put in black plastic bags and placed beneath some bushes. Each box contained two large packages within which were 17 smaller ones altogether holding around 200,000 meth pills, totalling approximately 1.4 million.

Pol Lt. Gen. Piya said this new lot of meth pills differed from what had been previously seized being smaller in size and the colour too had changed from orange to dark red. It is expected to  be more potent than the previous variety.

The colour of the package has also changed being dark navy blue this time whereas previously it was blue.

Police are further investigating the source of this lot of meth pills and tracking the drug traffickers.


The new variety of meth pills, above, and the seven boxes on display on a counter, Home Page. Photos: Amarin TV

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