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Over a tonne of Ice, heroin seized near Malaysian border


THE Thai Maritime Enforcement Command Centre and police in southern Satun province that borders Malaysia seized around 1,100 kilogrammes of crystal methamphetamine (Ice) and heroin hidden at Tam Malang mangrove canal in Mueang district yesterday (June 17), Amarin TV said this morning.

Officials believe that the drug traffickers had stored it there for further smuggling to other countries.

The large amount of Ice was packed in green and red transparent plastic bags with Chinese and English letters printed on them. Equally big quantity of heroin was packed in bags that had a lion stepping on the globe logo.

Captain Chumphot Senorpin, deputy head of the Thai Maritime Enforcement Command Centre, said this is the biggest seizure of drugs intended for overseas markets this year. The drug traffickers had stashed it there but a patrol found it, however there were no suspects around at the scene. 

The value of this lot of drugs if it had got through is 500 million baht.

Tam Malang canal borders Malaysia and is adjacent to the sea and there are numerous such canals in this area stretching for 90 kilometres. This is a weak spot for all types of smuggling and other types of wrongdoing and thus is heavily patrolled.


The huge drug haul in Satun yesterday. Photo: Amarin TV

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