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Half a tonne of Ice, over 100m baht assets seized in the South 


A MAJOR drug bust took place in the South with three suspects arrested in the seizure of 510 kilogrammes of crystal methamphetamine (Ice) and 50,000 tablets of methamphetamine (Speed) after a police took action upon receiving a tip-off of this drug smuggling from the North, TV Channel 7 said today (March 10).

Also seized were several assets including four vehicles, two bank accounts, five title deeds and 10 gold necklaces all worth 110 million baht.

Pol. Maj. Gen. Dusadee Chusangit, deputy commander of the Provincial Police Region 9, Maj. Gen. Khomkrit Ratanachai, commander of the Pattani Task Force, and Pol. Maj. Gen. Pitchawut Sanguan-sombatsiri, head of Pattani Provincial Police, jointly announced that they had been alerted by a phone call that a big lot of drugs is being transported from the North to the South to sell at southern border provinces and smuggle to neighbouring countries.

As the source had also revealed that the drugs were to be temporarily stored in Hat Yai city, Songkhla province, in a Yala-registered pickup truck, a raid was mounted that led to the arrest of two suspects, Mr. Masapaeing and Mr. Wirat.

Upon being questioned the two suspects revealed that the drugs were transported down south on an 18-wheel truck parked in the neighbourhood. Upon searching this truck police found the drugs neatly packed in Chinese tea packets which were then placed in bags that were covered with rice sacks.

Police detained the truck driver, Mr Somchit, who confessed that he was paid 100,000 baht to transport the large amount of drugs.

Further investigation of the case is continuing.


Top and Home Page: Southern commanders  announcing the big drug bust. Thai headline says, “Transported from the North to the South.” Photo: TV Channel 7


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