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Yellow-shirt protesters targeted wrong car – Thanathorn was not in it 

THE vehicle that hundreds of yellow-shirt demonstrators surrounded and bashed up as it left a Nakhon Si Thammarat hotel yesterday was not carrying Progressive Movement leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit but a group of five women with the owner getting ready to sue for damage, Sanook.com reported this morning (Nov. 12).

Thanathorn ran into this large group of protesters at Ravadee hotel in this southern city but managed to go in and hold a meeting with party members in preparation for the upcoming Provincial Administration Organization (PAO) election.

After a while when a car pulled out of the hotel, the protesters surrounded it with some bashing it as they demanded that Thanathorn, who was not within, come out and talk to them about alleged moves against the monarchy institution and instigating the youths.

One of the five women travelling in the mobbed car, Twitter user @Pepper_tao, said in a post this morning that this is her family’s vehicle and their group of five women had gone to this hotel for some business.

She added that they were too scared to unroll the window and talk to the protesters who were bashing the car.

She has now collected evidence against those who attacked the vehicle and also the person who posted a message online threatening to chase it.

She added that she does not have to hire a lawyer because her mother is a lawyer.

Thanathorn also posted a message on Facebook about this incident, saying he was not in any danger as he was not in the mobbed car, while expressing concern for those who were within it.

He confirmed that he will continue working in the south despite what happened yesterday.


Yellow-shirt protesters all around the vehicle yesterday. Photos: Sanook.com


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  1. Good to see a policeman was standing by in case any of those women tried to get out of the car and possibly harm a protester.

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