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Prayut denies military is competing in the marketplace 


PRIME Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said today (Nov. 21) his order for troops to grow parsley and use military vehicles to transport goods was not aimed at competing with anyone and urged the public to not listen to ill-intentioned people, Amarin TV said.

Both the Royal Thai Army and Navy are preparing military vehicles to transport goods after the Trucking Federation of Thailand threatened to stop doing so at the end of this month unless the government pegs the price of diesel at 25 baht a litre.

Earlier this month Prayut ordered military units across the country to grow parsley plants in their premises to help contain the soaring price of the popular vegetable that reached as high as 400 baht per kilogramme.

However the Prime Minister, in delivering a keynote speech at University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce today, asked at one point if there were no trucks running would people have to carry sacks on their backs to deliver goods?

As for troops growing parsley, Prayut said he had not mentioned soldiers growing other vegetables too which they were already doing so for their own consumption but these were available for those opting to buy from them as they would get a cheaper price than at the market.

As for transportation of goods, Prayut said if people faced trouble and asked the military for help troops would have to assist them with this not aimed at competing with anyone.

He urged the public not to listen to distorted news.


Top: Military trucks will be transporting goods if truckers stop doing so at the end of this month. Photo: Amarin TV

Home Page: Parsley being sold at a wet market. Photo: Innnews.co.th

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