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Maverick MP becomes leader of Pheu Chart Party


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

MAVERICK MP SARANWUT Saranket has become leader of Pheu Chart Party.

Saranwut was today (Nov. 21) named leader of the six MPs Pheu Chart Party during an extraordinary caucus of the party where the outspoken MP of Uttaradit recently joined after he had been ousted from Pheu Thai Party.

Last month, Pheu Thai Party expelled Saranwut from the party’s membership, thus forcing him to join Pheu Chart Party instead, after he had allegedly repeatedly failed to comply with resolutions of his former camp.

Both Pheu Chart Party and Pheu Thai Party are currently part of the opposition bloc in parliament.


MP Saranwut Saranket. Top photo: Matichon, Home Page photo: Matichon Weekly

Home Page featured image: A word cloud featuring “politics”. Photo: www.epictop10.com (CC BY 2.0)

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