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2 jobless young men nabbed for growing marijuana at their condo

TWO jobless young university graduates were caught red handed trying to sell marijuana plants they had grown at their condo in Ngamwongwan area to an undercover agent, Sanook.com said today (Nov. 6).

A police team at Lam Phak Chi station zeroed in on the two suspects, Mr. Akrat, or Tan, 24, and Mr, Keerati, or Beam, 24, after they announced the sale of marijuana plants on Facebook for two to three days.

An undercover policeman lured them into selling two of these plants at 350 baht each and arrested the suspects on the spot.

A raid of their condo revealed that there were 16 cannabis plants growing within the unit.

It was also discovered that the suspects were highly skilled in marijuana cultivation as they had a humidifier as well as deodorizers to prevent odors from spreading. They had produced their own compost and written the formula for taking care of these plants on a board.

The two suspects confessed that they turned to growing marijuana because they were unable to get a job after graduating from a well-known university and had ordered the seeds from another country.

They added that this was the first time they tried to sell the plants on Facebook but immediately got arrested.

Police also raided another condo belonging to the suspects and found some sticks of dried marijuana. Investigation is continuing to find other suspects.

The two of them have been charged with jointly producing a Category 5 drug (marijuana) without permission and have been detained as legal action continues.


Top and Home Page: The suspects and the marijuana plants they grew in their condo. Photo: Sanook.com


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