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Bhumjaithai MP ordered to discontinue legislative duties over payoff scandal


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

A BHUMJAITHAI MP was today (Nov. 3) ordered by court to stop doing his legislative duties pending a verdict on a bribery lawsuit earlier filed against him.

The Constitutional Court ordered MP Samlee Raksuthee to stop performing his legislative duties either within parliament or without until the court passes judgment on the case in which the lawmaker has been accused of accepting an undisclosed sum of cash payoff in exchange for his defection from a dissolved Future Forward Party to Bhumjaithai Party last year.

MP Samlee, elected in party-listed mode, was given a 15-day period to defend himself over the kickback lawsuit lodged against him by House Speaker Chuan Leekpai who had earlier petitioned the Constitutional Court to consider depriving him of his MP status in the face of the payoff scandal involving the second-largest coalition partner in government.

Most Future Forward MPs switched over to Move Forward Party, practically considered as a doppelganger of the dissolved party.


Top and Home Page: MP Samlee Raksuthee visiting constituents and resting on bales of hay. Photos: Facebook

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