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Move Forward Party granted most of taxpayers’ cash donation

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

DESPITE BEING part of the opposition bloc, Move Forward Party has been reportedly granted the most of taxpayers’ cash donation among all others including the ruling Democrat and Palang Pracharath parties.

Move Forward Party, led by MP Pita Limjaroenrat, has been reportedly given 12.6 million baht in cash donation from the taxpayers, mostly in Bangkok and neighbouring provinces, out of last year’s income tax refunds, according to ex-Democrat MP Thepthai Senapong.

That compared to 3.2 million baht in cash donation for Democrat Party, led by Deputy Prime Minister-cum-Commerce Minister Jurin Laksanavisit, 2.5 million baht for Kla Party, led by former finance minister Korn Jatikavanich, 2.0 million baht for Palang Pracharath Party, led by Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwan, and 1.4 million baht for Pheu Thai Party, led by opposition leader Sompong Amornvivat.

Democrat and Palang Pracharath parties currently perform as coalition partners in government whereas Move Forward and Pheu Thai parties currently act as part of the opposition bloc at parliament while the newly-formed Kla Party is yet to get an MP in a future election.

Democrat Party had been granted the most in cash donation out of the taxpayers’ tax refunds in previous years, according to Thepthai, known as personally close to former Democrat Party leader/former premier Abhisit Vejjajiva.

These party leaders have jumped onto the bandwagon of politicians paying visits and handing out relief items to villagers currently affected by flooding in the provinces, thus apparently securing some popularity among the constituents as a general election is being anticipated sooner or later.


Move Forward Party logo and an image of its leader Pita Limjaroenrat, above, and Pita at his party’s head office, Home Page. Top photo: Naewna, Home Page photo: Siam Rath

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