31 workers hospitalised after factory sprays strong disinfectant

AS MANY AS 31 workers at a factory in Ayutthaya province were rushed to the hospital this morning (July 12) after some of them fainted from fumes of too strong disinfectant sprayed in the complex to prevent the spread of coronavirus, TV Channel 7 said.

Initially it was feared that a chemical leak had led to the workers falling sick at the undergarment factory within Bang Pa-In Industrial Estate but it was later clarified that it was potent disinfectant that affected the workers.

Specialists from the fire rescue centre and Phutthaisawan rescue workers rushed the 31 workers, some of whom had fainted, to the hospital.

The Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office later said the cause was both the ratio of the disinfectants being too concentrated and poor air circulation within the factory which led to some workers fainting and suffering breathing problems from fumes given off by the strong solution.

The factory management has taken the following steps to rectify the problem:

– Stopped work and allowed the workers to return to their residences;

– Opened up the complex to improve air circulation;

– Closely following up on the condition of the 31 hospitalised workers.


Top: Workers leaving the factory after some of the fell sick and fainted. Thai headline says.”It was actually too strongly mixed disinfectant.”

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