No calls for third shot of coronavirus vaccine for lawmakers


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

DEPUTY HOUSE Speaker Suchart Tancharoen today (July 8th) dismissed hearsay that lawmakers in the House of Representatives and Senate have called for a third shot of a coronavirus vaccine.

According to the first deputy House speaker, such allegations may have been based on the recent event in which Palang Pracharath MP Anant Phol-amnuay, chairman of the House Committee on Parliamentary Affairs, gave a news conference which, Suchart said, may have been misleading or misinterpreted about reported calls for a third shot of a vaccine for all MPs and senators as well as all parliamentary personnel.

Suchart, who chaired a recent meeting of whips from the Palang Pracharath-led government, the government parties, the opposition parties and the senators, said the whips had reached no resolution to demand a third shot of a vaccine for all legislators and parliamentary personnel as widely criticized.

The whips only agreed during the joint meeting that active testing for Covid-19 should be conducted with all legislators and personnel once a week at parliament, though most may have already taken a second shot, according to the deputy House speaker.

However, he said people throughout the country might be given a third shot to raise their immunity and stem domestic spreads in near future.


Top: Thailand’s new Parliament. 

Home Page: Some vials of Covid-19 vaccine. Photos: NNT


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