No pay for 4 infected employees who broke the work from home rule


GOING viral on Thai social media is the risky behaviour of four employees of a company who after three days of working from home went out to eat and shop at a mall where they caught coronavirus with the company now not paying their wages and compensation because they violated a clear rule to stay home for 14 days, said this afternoon (April 27).

Facebook member Thawichaya Tungsaharangsee, who related this incident, said the unnamed company clearly told its employees that during the 14-day work from home period they will get full pay provided they do not go out unless absolutely necessary with socialising and walking around shopping malls strictly forbidden.

However, after only three days passed, one of the four employees, all men and all married and all have children, invited the others to go eat at a shopping mall. After doing so they strolled around and shopped there.

After six to seven days they all started getting Covid symptoms and went to different locations for treatment. Worse than that the infection was spread to their wives, children and servants.

Right now all four are blaming each other for what happened and their relationship is no longer the same.

One of them, who is only in his mid-30s, is in severe condition with his lungs weakened leading to breathing difficulty. He said in a soft voice that those who do not need to leave home should not do so. He added that he does not know how he caught coronavirus because he was wearing a face mask all the time except for when he was eating.


Top: An open pencil case with stationery and personal protection items. Photo: Marco Verch,  professional photographer (CC BY 2.0)

Home Page: A protective medical mask on a laptop. Photo: Nenad Stojkovic (CC BY 2.0)

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