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Factory fire still raging as toxic fumes blow towards On Nut, Lat Krabang


THE massive fire at the foam and plastic pellet factory in King Kaew Soi 21, Samut Prakan province, was still raging at 5.40 p.m. today (July 5) but the wind has changed direction leading to toxic fumes now spreading towards On Nut and Lat Krabang areas, Amarin TV said.

Kamov KA-27 helicopters joined in the battle to put out the huge blaze at Ming Dih Chemical Co., Ltd factory at 3.20 p.m. by spraying foam on the chemicals  but so far have not been successful.

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With the wind now blowing in a different direction, the risk area has been expanded from five to 10 kilometres.

Ms. Pensiri Kottaphat, head of the Wat Salut sub-district hospital, said as the wind has now shifted direction health officials had instructed her to move the people sheltering the Wat Salut evacuation centre, altogether 94 of them including Thais and foreigners, to Wat Bang Chalong Nai and Wat Bang Phli Yai temple centres.

As foam is now being sprayed to extinguish the violent blaze, people in a five-kilometre radius have been told to duck within buildings for safety.

She added that there are people who have not moved out because of concern over their property and pets while some have not been able to shift because they are currently going through the 14-day Covid-19 quarantine.

Right now there are four evacuation points with these being Triam Parinyanusorn School, Bang Phli Yai subdistrict administrative organization office, Wat Bang Phli Yai t and Wat Lan Boon temples.

Meanwhile it was revealed that the volunteer fireman who died fighting the blaze earlier in the day is Mr. Kornsit Raophan, 19.


Top: Thick black toxic smoke billowing from the factory today.

Home Page: The young volunteer firefighter who died earlier in the day. Thai headline says, “Lost a volunteer firefighter aged 19.” Photos: Amarin TV


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