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Foreigner caught after stealing alcohol says he wants to go home

A FOREIGNER of unknown nationality who fell through a roof while being chased after stealing two bottles of alcohol later told police he wanted to be sent back to his home country, Amarin TV said this morning (June 29).

At 5 p.m. yesterday Pol. Capt. Phisit Sincharoonsak, deputy head of Nong Prue police station, Bang Lamung district, Chon Buri province, was informed that local residents had caught a foreigner so rushed to the scene.

Once there he found some people standing around a tall white man with blue eyes wearing a long-sleeve black T-shirt and black shorts, carrying a backpack, looking tired as he sat on the pavement with his legs grazed waiting for police to arrive without resistance.

Police quickly called in rescuers to give him first aid before taking him to the station.

Investigation revealed that the foreigner had stolen two bottles of alcohol from a nearby department store and ran out as store workers chased him. He climbed over the roof of a few houses in trying to escape but fell through one of them and hurt his legs.

He refused to identify himself only saying that he wanted to be repatriated as he missed his hometown.

The owner of one of the houses, Mr. Nipitphon Umita, 20, said he was walking in front of his house when he heard the roof cave in. He first thought a cat had fallen through but when he looked in he saw it was a foreigner who had plunged down damaging his roof and ceiling. 

The foreigner calmly walked to the front of his house as if nothing had happened.

He added that altogether three houses had been damaged as the foreigner scrambled across them.

Police said it is up to the affected residents and the store owner whether he is prosecuted as action would only be taken if they press charges.


The injured foreigner and the roof he damaged when he  plunged down while escaping after stealing two bottles of alcohol. Photos: Amarin TV



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