Thailand now has more Covid cases per million people than India


THE latest statistics from Our World Data scientific online publication shows that Thailand’s daily Covid infections per million people has now surpassed India after the latter succeeded in sharply reducing the infection rate, said this morning (June 25).

Thailand’s ongoing coronavirus wave that started in April continues to intensify with there being thousands of new cases each day. Today’s total is 3,644 cases and 44 fatalities, taking the total death toll to 1,819, with an additional 1,751 recoveries. The cumulative confirmed total since the start of the pandemic has reached 236,291 and in the current wave that started in April 207,428

During this period India was wracked by a record-breaking number of new cases with the total  reaching 400,000 for several days in April and May.

However the Covid pandemic has improved considerably in India with the Indian Health Ministry reporting 53,256 new cases on Monday June 21, the lowest level in an 88-day period. What’s more it was the 39th consecutive day where the number of recoveries outstripped new infections.


Our World Data website, which gets the official figures on each country’s new cases from Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University, published a line graph comparing the two countries.

It can be seen that during the past week India’s daily Covid-19 cases per million people dropped sharply but that of Thailand is climbing up. This rate surpassed India’s from June 20 onwards.

Commenting on this data Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jesada Denduangboriban, a lecturer at the Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University, said in a private Facebook post that many factors led to the number of cases plummeting sharply in India.

One key factor is the massive public health mobilisation both within India and help coming in from across the world.

India had also launched a large vaccination drive which could have led to herd immunity kicking in, but this does occur at a certain point when there is a large number of infected people in keeping with the nature of the pathogen.

Dr Jesada added that the situation in India is actually unreliable with there still being risk of new waves of infection in future as a new variant of coronavirus, Delta Plus, was found in 40 cases in Maharashtra, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh states.


Top: At the height of the recent Covid surge Indians had to wait for hours to cremate the deceased. Photo: Sumit Kumar published by BBC

Insert: Our World Data website’s line chart comparing Covid infection rate in Thailand and India. Photo:



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