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Prawit to demonstrators: Don’t rally tomorrow as Covid is still spreading swiftly


DEPUTY Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwan today (June 23) urged demonstrators to not rally tomorrow to mark the 89th anniversary of the June 24, 1932 revolution by the Khana Ratsadon that transformed Thailand from an absolute to a constitutional monarchy because many people have been infected with coronavirus, Sanook.com said.

However he said if they must rally they should maintain social distance for the safety of all while urging everyone to help out.

On whether steps will be taken to block a march from Phan Fa Lilat Bridge to the Government House as has been announced by the demonstrators, Gen Prawit said this is a matter for officials to take care of.

“Personally I am more worried about Covid-19 spreading. They should not camp there overnight,” he said.

On the demonstrators pressuring Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to resign, Gen. Prawit said it is clear that the country is peaceful with the Prime Minister having to continue working just as he has been doing for the past two years in his second term in office, and similarly he himself has been doing everyday.

The Deputy Prime Minister did point out that it has to be watched whether protest leaders who are facing lawsuits but are still coming out to rally tomorrow would be violating any laws in doing so.

 He urged the media to talk to these leaders to not stage a rally right now and wait for the coronavirus outbreak to be contained as the government is very concerned about the pandemic.


Gen Prawit urges demonstrators to not rally tomorrow. Photos: INN News



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