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10m baht house starts leaking during rainfall



A FACEBOOK user posted a video clip (attached below) showing rainwater pouring down the ceiling of a second-hand house he bought for 10 million baht with this occurring even though he had hired a technician to check it before the transaction, TV Channel 7 said this afternoon (June 21).

Writing under the name Kanok Tyro and not revealing where his newly-purchased house is located, the distraught owner said when it started raining water poured down from the light bulb holes in the ceiling.

Although the technician did check the condition of the house before purchase, it was not raining when he did so, he added.

“I bought a house from a foreigner at a price of 10 million baht and moved in on June 1, 2021. The transaction is with a company.

“Hired (a technician) to check the condition of the house before purchase, but when it started raining water began leaking as shown in the video clip.

“Before the purchase the owner did not mention anything about this problem, moreover after it occurred I could not contact him, have to fix it all myself,” he wrote.

His post attracted a lot of comments from netizens.

Meanwhile lawyer Decha Kittiwittayanan, who runs the popular web page Thanai Khlai Thuk (lawyer relieves suffering), wrote that when a seller conceals defects of a house, it can be considered to be concealing the truth of the condition of the property. 

According to the Civil and Commercial Code, Section 472, the homebuyer can sue for liability and claim damages, he added.


The 10-million-baht house with a leaky roof. Thai headline says, “Bought a house for 10 million baht, free gift… waterfall.” Photo: TV Channel 7


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