Rural doctors say why Mor Prom vaccination app was suspended

THE Rural Doctor Society today (May 29) said in its Facebook page that the reason Prom Line account and phone app for vaccination registration was suddenly halted earlier this week is because AstraZeneca vaccine is coming late and the volume lower than expected, Amarin TV reported.

In an in-depth post, the non-profit organisation urged the government to tell the public the truth.

“The secret lies in the Covid vaccine, part 1, what happened to Mor Prom that it had to be suddenly shut down with the government halting registration … and postponing vaccination appointments? This followed (Public Health) Minister Anutin (Charnvirakul) announcing that vaccines will definitely be available, all the brands can protect against Covid. In addition there was news of Royal College of Chulabhorn importing Sinopharm vaccine for sale – just this much stirred turbulence,” the post said.

Rural Doctor Society added that Thais are expecting very large amounts of Covid vaccines with this being like a life jacket on a boat hit by a storm and strong winds and is about to capsize. 

“D-Day is June 7, injecting AstraZeneca nationwide is very very meaningful … So what really happened?  The answer to what actually happened is difficult to find because there is no official announcement. Therefore we had to piece it together plus find in-depth information and got the following.

“Actually Mor Prom app doesn’t itself have any problems. But the reason to stop using this app to queue up for vaccination is because the Astra vaccine from Siam Bioscience is not coming as scheduled, that is coming later and the volume is lower than agreed upon. Since the volume is low, if registration continues there will not be vaccines to inject as registered. The easiest solution is to shut down the Mor Prom system.”


The Mor Prom online platform with Thai headline asking, ”Why was it necessary to shut it down?” Photo: Amarin TV


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