Koh Samui rolls out vaccination drive to reopen for tourism in July


FAMED tourist destination Koh Samui launched a mobile door-knocking vaccination drive to meet its target of reopening for tourism in July with a 100-year-old grandfather being the first one to get a jab, Thai Rath newspaper said this afternoon (May 29).

Mr. Amnuay Klaiudom, the 100-year-old man who got a Sinovac shot, is in fact the father of Deputy Governor Mr. Suthipong Klaiudom, who headed a team of senior officials in kicking off this campaign.

The goal is to round up those infected while they are asymptomatic and vaccinate the elderly at their homes to save them a trip to the hospital for this purpose.

Many elderly folk among the 600 in Ban Hua Thanon and Ban Han communities, in Maret sub-district, who got their first jab today said afterwards they did not suffer from any side effects and felt well.

It was a medical team headed by Dr. Nisa Limsuwan, deputy director of Koh Samui Hospital, who gave Amnuay his first jab. Before doing so they checked his blood pressure and upon getting a normal result administered it. Half an hour later they again checked his blood pressure and it remained normal with there being no side effects or adverse reactions.

The Deputy Governor said Koh Samui Hospital vaccinating the elderly at their homes today could be termed a Samui Model.

Should 70% of the island’s residents be vaccinated by July then this tourist destination would certainly reopen again.

Koh Samui has not had any Covid cases for 15 days now and its 83 patients have all been cured and sent home.


Grandpa Amnuay getting his first coronavirus jab. Photos: Thai Rath


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