Toddler who went to hospital alone has been cured of Covid

A Covid-infected two-year-old girl who had to go to the hospital alone because she could not stay in the field hospital with her father has now been cured of the disease and sent home, said this evening (May 4).

Nong Pee Mai clutched her white teddy bear as she walked to the ambulance to be taken to Ratchaphiphat Hospital from the field hospital where she could not stay with her ailing dad from whom she caught the infection because of her young age.

Today the Facebook page Pak Chong News said after seven days of treatment the little girl has been completely cured and is being sent back to her apartment in Chong Nonsi Soi 14.

“Do you remember the two-year-old girl clutching her teddy bear and getting on the ambulance to go to the hospital alone to be treated for coronavirus?

“She has healed completely and does not have the virus and our team arranged for a vehicle to take her back home from Ratchaphiphat Hospital. She is strong, healthy, bright and normal,” the post said.


Nong Pee Mai holds her teddy bear tightly as she waits for and then walks to the ambulance to go to the hospital alone. Thai headline says, “Toddler and her teddy bear have returned home.” Photos:


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