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Man loses a million baht when car catches fire

A YOUNG Thai man who was driving to a bank in Pattaya to deposit one million baht this afternoon (May 4) lost it all when the seden suddenly caught fire, Thai Rath newspaper said.

AT 12.30 p.m. this seaside city’s Sawang Boriboon Radio Rescue Centre was notified of a car ablaze on the inbound side of Sukhumvit road, South Pattaya, in front of Makro cash-and-carry store prompting a team to rush there together with a unit from Pattaya Disaster Mitigation Office.

A fire engine and the disaster mitigation staff quickly put out the blaze that had engulfed the black Nissan Teana sedan with Pattaya police having also blocked the lane where it was parked.

The driver, Mr. Chirayus Amnuayprasut, 24, said he drove out of his house in Soi Chaiyapruek to go to the bank and when he reached this point the car suddenly filled with black smoke. 

He quickly got out of the vehicle but then dashed back to rescue a bag in which there was one million baht, a mobile phone and a wallet but the blaze spread quickly thus preventing him from doing so.

This led to all of that money and other belongings being completely burnt.


The sedan after the fire had been put out. Photos: Thai Rath

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