Alert issued after entertainment Covid cluster emerges

THE Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) today (April 4) warned those at high-risk of contracting coronavirus after visiting nine pubs and other entertainment venues from where a new Covid cluster has emerged to immediately contact the health officials, Siam Rath newspaper said. In his Facebook post,  Pol. Capt. Pongsakorn Kwanmuang, BMA’s spokesperson, said this cluster consists

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Local news

Yingluck’s lawyer: More battles loom after court annulled B35bn fine order

FORMER prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s lawyer is gearing up for further legal battles after the Central Administrative Court today (April 2) overturned an order by the Finance Ministry to fine her 35.7 billion baht over her loss-ridden rice-subsidy scheme, Thai Rath newspaper said. The court said the order, issued in 2016, lacked legal standing. Yingluck’s

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World news

Myanmar protesters urge ‘guerrilla strikes’ as internet blackout widens

By Reuters Staff, published by US News & World Report PEOPLE IN Myanmar opposed to the military junta marched, observed strikes and scrambled to overcome a shutdown of the internet today (April 2), undaunted by the generals’ bloody suppression of protests during the past two months. Hundreds of people have been killed protesting since the

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