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At least 3 dead, many trapped after fire guts house in luxury estate


AN early morning fire at a three-storey house in a luxury estate in Thawi Wattana district caused the structure to collapse killing at least three persons, one a resident and two volunteer firefighters, with many more of the latter trapped in the rubble, Sanook.com said today (April 3).

Volunteer firefighters bravely went into the house where the fire was raging violently and managed to rescue seven of the eight residents. The eight residents died near the second floor staircase.

Just as the firefighters were spraying water to control the blaze the structure suddenly collapsed leading to 20 volunteers within being trapped. It was later reported that at least three people are dead.

Disaster Prevention and Mitigation officials are now bringing in machines to clear the rubble and rescue those trapped beneath.


The fire raging at the three-storey house and the burnt remains beneath which are trapped several volunteer firefighters. Photos: Sanook.com

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