Kind rescue team spraying disinfectant for free in Chiang Mai

A RESCUE team in Chiang Mai city has jumped in to meet the huge demand to disinfect both and public places and people’s homes for free after municipality officials were unable to cope with the big spike that arose as Covid cases continued to rise, TV Channel 7 said today (April 20).

Mr Tulip Mahawong, president of Chiang Mai Welfare Association, said the municipality asked Kosol Songkhor Chiang Mai rescue team to help with the task and they are able to do so for free after getting funding from philanthropists.

He added that the disinfectant the team uses has been certified by the municipality as usable for cleaning and sanitising. Those in this northern city who need this free service should call 080-854-4736.

This rescue team has already disinfected many places among them are government offices, temples and people’s homes. One of them is the Office of Police Forensic Science in Chang Phueak subdistrict which is visited by lots of people everyday.


The Kosol Songkhor Chiang Mai rescue team disinfecting offices and homes. Photos: TV Channel 7

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