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Protesters mark Songkran, pressure Prayut to quit

THE UNME Anarchy group, the leader of the Through the Sky network, staged a Songkran parade as they piled on pressure for Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to step down and called for the release of their leaders detained under Section 112 of the Criminal Code, known as the lese majeste law, in front of the Government House this afternoon (April 15) amid tight police security, Thai Rath newspaper said.

Starting 1.20 p.m. the protesters carried an effigy of Gen Prayut and splashed water and coloured powder at each other from Rajamangala University of Technology on Phitsanulok road to Chamai Maruchet Bridge in front of the Government House.

Nang Loeng and Crowd Control police had placed containers to halt traffic on Phitsanulok road and Chamai Maruchet Bridge as well as a part of Rama 5 road and had also rolled out concertina razor wire  on top of them.

Later a representative of the UNME Anarchy group read out a statement that today is traditional Thai new year day and is a time when people come out to play and have fun or return home to their family.

However the Covid-19 outbreak which they accused the government of Prime Minister Prayut of not having controlled nor vaccinated the people has led to a waste of economic opportunities and the people’s valuable time.

The protesters added that the coronavirus outbreak was used as an excuse to ban the assembly of the people who are calling for justice.

They also asked who is to be responsible for what the people had to pay.

They confirmed their demands that their detained friends be released, a new constitution be written, section 112 of the Criminal Code be repealed and Gen Prayut step down.

They ended their protest at 3. 25 p.m.


Protesters marking Songkran as they voice their demands in front of the Government House today. Photos: Thai Rath

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