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Big forest fire at Chaing Mai’s Doi Samoeng still raging

CHIANG MAI’S firefighters are having a tough time putting out a severe forest fire that broke out on Doi Samoeng mountain at 8 p.m. last night and although managing to partly control it, the blaze is still raging today (March 30), Sanook.com said.

Mr, Chakra Dityanan, head of Royally Initiated Samoeng Forest Fire Control Station in Samoeng district, said the blaze broke out on top of the mountain in Ban Sala area, Samoeng Tai subdistrict, and firefighters from Khun Khan-Samoeng Forest Fire Control Station and villagers are battling to put it out.

A line of protection has been set up to prevent the fire from spreading further while two helicopters from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment have been spraying water leading to partial control.

This operation is difficult because Doi Samoeng is a tall mountain with rocky cliffs and cloaked with a dry bamboo forest.


The huge forest fire at Doi Samoeng mountain is fully visible from Chiang Mai city. Photos: Sanook.com


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