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Penguin says on being taken to court: ‘The truth can’t be jailed’


AS key protest leader Mr. Parit Chiwarak, or Penguin, was taken to the Criminal Court along with seven others this morning (March 15) for a hearing to examine the evidence in the case over alleged offenses under Section 112 of the Criminal Code, known as the lese majeste law. and Section 116, he shouted out that “the truth can’t be jailed,” Sanook.com said.

Altogether 22 people have been charged in a class action suit and among them are Ms. Panusaya Sitthichirawattanakul, or Rung, and lawyer Mr. Anon Nampa.

At 11 a.m. today the court will hear a petition by Mr. Panupong Chadnok, or Mike, Mr. Jarupat  Boonpattararaksa, or Phai Dao Din, and Mr Piyarat Jongthep, or Toto, to be moved back to Bangkok Remand Prison from Thonburi Remand Prison.

As Penguin was getting into the prison van, he shouted: “Although you have jailed me, but you cannot jail the truth, the truth is indeed the truth whether it is in a cage, a torture device or the execution pillar, the truth is the truth.”

There is another issue that will be raised in court today and that is Penguin being held with prisoners who can no longer appeal their sentences. This goes against the Constitution and when contacted on Friday to question about this decision, the warders of this jail did not reply and up today have not done so.


Top and Home Page: Penguin being taken to court today. Thai headline says, “the truth can’t be jailed.” Photo: Sanook.com


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