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Woman fuming at getting an old engine in a new pickup she bought in cash


A YOUNG woman asked the Rayong Photographers and Media Club for help after finding out that a pickup truck she bought in cash two years ago was in fact fitted with an old engine and chassis, Matichon newspaper said today (Feb. 19).

Ms Jindarat (surname withheld), 26, asked the media for justice because no progress had been made to the complaint she lodged to the car centre on this deception.

She showed documents to verify that on March 16, 2020 she and her mother Ms. Wanta, went to this car centre and bought the four-door black pickup truck for 627,000 baht.

 As the transaction was taking place one of the dealers, identified as Ms. Kornpraphas, asked “why don’t you give the customer a new vehicle?”

However they did not pay any attention to her because they had checked this vehicle and all seemed fine and they also did not know the difference between the old and new model only that they wanted this particular model because they already have other vehicles at home.

Jindarat added that when she started driving the pickup truck a problem of the engine overheating arose but it was resolved.

Then on Jan. 30, 2023 upon the pick-up truck’s clutch having worn out she took it to the same car centre for repair as it was still within the warranty period. 

However a mechanic there told her that the warranty had expired because this vehicle was sold in 2018. This surprised her as she had only bought it in 2020.

It turned out a swap had taken place with the engine and chassis numbers of this vehicle not matching what was registered in the ownership book. Moreover the Land Transport Department also would not now renew the registration because of this disparity.

Jindarat held talks with this car centre manager who said that the executives were overseas when the sale took place.

He later tried to resolve the problem by saying they would extend the warranty by two more years but she refused to accept their offer.

She has also filed complaints at the Office of the Consumer Protection Board and Map Ta Phut police station with several rounds of talks having taken place with the car centre but no progress made.

“I never met the executives, everytime they say they are not here and have gone overseas. I don’t know who to ask for help. I saved money to buy this vehicle only to be cheated by a standard dealership… I urge the Thailand executives of this car company to take care of this issue, I want them to accept responsibility and give me a new vehicle,” she said.


Jinadarat and her pickup truck that was fitted with a two-year-old engine and chassis. Photos: Matichon

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