Woman ‘impressed’ over way man tries to contact her after she blocked him

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A WOMAN who blocked a man she was talking to has told how she was left ‘”impressed” by the amusing way he tried to get back in contact with her.

The woman, from the US, took to TikTok to explain that she ended it with the man she was dating after she found out he was talking to a friend of hers at the same time.

However, rather cheekily, she had still been logging in to watch movies and series on his Netflix account – having remembered his password.

But she was in for a shock when one day, she logged in to see he changed the usernames of each of his Netflix profiles in a bid to get her attention.

And it wasn’t long before social media users took to the comments section to praise the man for his efforts and demanded she “unblock him.”

Meanwhile, others took the opportunity to share the amusing ways in which they got back at their exes through the use of Netflix.

“My ex used my Netflix. I let him continue to use it until he got to the final episode of the show…then changed my password,” wrote one, while a second recalled:

“I was on my ex’s Netflix until he cheated and he was in the middle of a long series. I fast forwarded through each episode so he couldn’t tell where he was at.”

The woman in question then went on to offer her followers an “update” on the story – adding that it wasn’t the first she’d caught him acting “shady”.

“Even after being presented with hardcore facts and proof, he denied everything so I blocked him,” she explained. “Just to clarify, I do have my own Netflix but my reasoning at the time was he used me for months, so I’m going to get a free month of Netflix.

“Moral of the story, know your self worth and if he tries to communicate with you through Netflix – run.”

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