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Over 5 million baht donations for elderly woman, aging son

IMAGES of an elderly woman giving some rice to her aging son to eat as sat on the floor and waited to register for 7,000 baht handout under Rao Chana (We Win) scheme in Kamphaeng Phet province yesterday (Feb.17) so stirred Thai people that they have now got 5.1 million baht in donations, Amarin TV reported.

They had left their house in Khlong Khlung district at midnight yesterday, travelling 35 kilometres to the nearest Krung Thai Bank branch on a sidecar motorcycle and reached the bank at 4 a.m. They were the first to register for the cash handout.

Mr. Sadudee Putthang, the chief of Khlong Khlung district, together with the village headman visited the Mrs. Noi Iam-sa-ard, 81, and Mr. Jamnian Iam-sa-ard, 62, and gave them 2,000 baht from the local Red Cross branch.

The district chief revealed that the news about this elderly mother and son had led to charitable Thais transferring altogether 5.1 million to Jamnian’s Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives’s account and more is flowing in.


Top and Home Page: The elderly woman and her son receiving 2,000 baht from the local Red Cross branch from the district chief and the village headman. Photos: Amarin TV


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