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Rape victim told statute of limitations has expired

THE daughter of a former police general and well-known politician was told by Phra Khanong police station today (June 28) that a rape complaint she had filed against a police captain cannot proceed because three months had passed and the statute of limitations had already legally expired, Sanook.com reported.

The young woman had said in her complaint filed on Thursday June 25 that the police captain based at Bukkhalo district station had raped her and taken photos to extort assets from her.

However Pol Lt Col Phiratham Khamachon, deputy inspector at Phra Khanong station,  said only two cases could be filed and they are defamation and violation of the Computer Crimes Act.

The offense of rape could not be prosecuted because the incident occurred over three months ago, he added.

Phra Kanong station had coordinated with the police officer in question to come and acknowledge the charges tomorrow.

Meanwhile Pol Maj Gen Samrit Tongtao, chief of Metropolitan Police Bureau Division 8, said whether a police disciplinary committee would be set depends on the investigation report that Phra Khanong station sends to Bukkhalo station but that he would be fair to all sides.

The police captain in question is still continuing his duties as normal at the district until the result of the investigation clarifies the situation.


Top: A pixelated image of the rape victim with Thai headline asking, “statute of limitations has expired?” Photo: Sanook.com

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