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Victim tells cops ‘pregnant’ girlfriend borrowed 200,000 baht and fled

A THAI man filed a complaint with Bang Phlat district police today (June 28)  that his girlfriend had swindled him out of 200,000 baht and fled after fooling him that she was pregnant and her mother very sick, Sanook.com reported.

Police said initial inquiry revealed that the same 37-year-old woman had swindled three other men prior to this.

It also follows the publication of a report in local Press that an Ang Thong province woman had opened a fake Facebook account which was used to con 10 men.

According to the 38-year-old man, who came to the police station with his mother and sister, his missing girlfriend had been living with him for almost a year and recently told him that she was pregnant but her mother was very sick and might die. To meet her alleged urgent needs he gave her 200,000 baht and it was on June18 that he realized he had been conned.

Pol Col Krisana Pattnacharoen, deputy police spokesman, said officers have written down the victim’s complaint and are now gather evidence and questioning people for further legal action and will act quickly and fairly to all parties involved.

He added that this sort of action whereby a victim is deceived through the giving of wrong or false information or by the concealing of the true information in order to obtain money or assets can be considered fraud under Section 341 with the penalty being not more than three years in jail or a fine of 60,000 baht or both.

He urged others who have been defrauded in this manner to file a complaint with police investigators near their house or the place where the swindle took place to proceed with legal action.


Top:  A pixelated image of the man conned by his former girlfriend. Thai headline says, “Young man urges police to catch is his ex-girlfriend who used pregnancy ploy to swindle him.” Photo: Sanook.com


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