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Tik-Tok star rates men on sex



A woman has become a TikTok star after creating a series about all the men she’s slept with – including a ranking order of their performance.

They say you’ll never forget your first kiss – but after that, not all romantic encounters are quite so life-changing.

Well in a bid to remember each and every person she’s ever slept with, TikTok user Mollie Miller has kept a stack of “sex cards” where she details the name, date and performance of each of her lovers, The Sun reports.

Last year, Mollie, from New York, started giving her 128,500 followers a glimpse into her private life by talking through some of the notes in her series ‘Mollie’s Montage’.

Not only are the “sex cards” filed in chronological order, they also reveal X-rated details and if they had plans to see each other again.

Delving into the notes, Mollie explained in one video how she unknowingly slept with a guy who had previously had sex with her roommate.

But history seemed to repeat itself when Mollie realised she’d fooled around with two guys who happened to live together.

“So November 14, 2010, I met this guy at the tavern. Drunken attempt at sex. We fooled around and made out but he was too drunk (to continue).

“That happened and then December 31, 2010 met this guy at the tavern – different guy – and I took him home.

“We fooled around in bed all day – it was great – and started dating him.

“January 11, 2011, the second guy invited me over to his apartment and I found out that he was roommates with the first guy.”

Detailing a more recent experience, the social media star revealed how she started dating a local fisherman back in June and the pair would get COVID-19 tests every week so they could see each other.

“We saw each other every two to three weeks and then he blocked me for a little while which was weird. And then he came back and he was like ‘I’m so sorry’ and he said all the right things.

“We spent a night in a hotel and the sex was really, really good. And then on November 6 I woke up to an Instagram message from a girl who I had never known and she asked me if I was sleeping with him.”

When Mollie confirmed that she’d had sex with him, the girl revealed she was his girlfriend and they’d been together for a year.

“I was blocked and had no closure whatsoever but they’re still together,” Mollie said.

Since she starting sharing details from her “sex cards”, Mollie has become popular on social media – and she always ends her videos by telling followers to “wear a condom”.

Mollie was asked to create the series after she responded to a viral TikTok video about whether people could remember the names of every person they’d slept with.

After she showed off the hundreds of flashcards, a fan responded: “Don’t be shy, start a series. I’m so invested at this point.”

“OK but this is a Netflix movie,” another added, while a third wrote: “I’m OBSESSED with this.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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