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Diners flee restaurant as wild elephant strolls in

A GROUP of diners at a pork barbeque restaurant in Nakhon Nayok province fled in panic after a wild elephant strolled in but the jumbo too got frightened at seeing so many people and quickly went away, Sanook.com report this morning (Jan. 19).

One of the customers at Khun Dan Moo Katha restaurant in Sarika sub-district, Mueang district, said he was enjoying his meal with his family when the elephant suddenly walked right in, leading to a few other diners screaming, “elephant, elephant, elephant has come.”

He added that he was shocked because he had never seen this big a jumbo close up so quickly pulled out his mobile phone and took some photos.

However the elephant too got scared at seeing so many people so quickly went away.

The restaurant owner, Mr. Chinwimon Mahasap, said this elephant, who he calls Chao Ngao Diew, and his companion, Chao Phlai Sarika, visit his restaurant practically everyday and they never hurt anyone. 

They usually walk straight into the restaurant and upon seeing a lot of people quickly walk out and go to the back to find some fruit to eat.

Regulars know about these two elephants and many of them come to eat just to wait to see them, he said, adding that they had become the restaurant’s selling point.


Top: A composite photo showing the diners, left, and the elephant walking into the restaurant, right. Thai headline says, “the inviting smell of barbeque pork.” Photo: Sanook.com



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