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Man arrested for stealing from neighbours at posh condo

AN overseas-educated man who is now facing business problems was arrested today (Jan. 8) for stealing valuables from his neighbours within a luxury condominium in Huai Khwang district of Bangkok with hundreds of thousands of baht worth of brand-name handbags, gold jewelry, amulets as well as cash seized from his unit, Siam Rath reported today (Jan. 8).

Suthisan police station officers arrested Mr. Krisana Darachot under warrant numbers 16/2564 and 20/2564 issued by the Criminal Court after tracking him down by going through surveillance camera clips as well as tips from other people in this residential building.

Police took action after several residents of the posh condominium had filed complaints that they had been burgled.

The suspect has confessed to stealing his neighbours’ valuables, saying that he did so because he ran into business problems and did not have enough money to cover living expenses, while admitting that he had committed this crime several times before being caught.

He also told police that he had noticed that some co-owners of units of this building had the habit of leaving their keys and keycard in their mailbox. This made it easy for him to open their door and take their belongings.

Police said some of the seized items had been returned to their owners but they did not know where several other items came from.


Police with the suspect and the items he stole. Photos: Siam Rath

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