Mae Sot doctor in tears after 17 cross-border coronavirus cases pile in

A MAE SOT doctor posted a stirring message after 17 of 40 Thais who had been working in Myanmar were found to be infected with Covid-19 after crossing back to their homeland, pointing out that many more remain trapped there, Siam Rath reported this evening (Jan. 8).

The post at Doctor Mae Sot Facebook page said Mae Sot Hospital had to immediately treat 17 patients who were all found to be infected in one go with three others in this group of 40 Thais who had crossed back from the neighbouring country having uncertain results.

She added that it has to be admitted that a lot of Thais have crossed over to work in Myanmar and many are sick. If left there till their condition deteriorates further, they would not survive.

The outbreak will worsen if they have to risk death by sneaking back through natural routes, the doctor mentioned, adding that in the end Thailand has to bring them all back.

She ended by saying that it appears to her that this time the outbreak is more severe than any other time and that she wanted to cry but hoped everyone helped in giving each other encouragement.


Top: Doctors and other health officials at a Mae Sot village. Photo: Siam Rath


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